College Information

The College Admission Process

Where do I start??

  • Complete a college search.  Use a fun website like or do a college search using your Family Connection Naviance account to find colleges that match the criteria you are looking for, example: Size, Location, Major, etc.
  • After completing your college search, you should have a list of 3-5 schools. This list should include at least one school you would ENJOY going to that you are SURE you will be accepted, one or two schools that you would LOVE to go to and are within the average range of students who get accepted (based on GPA and ACT/SAT score), and a school that you would love to go to, but might be a reach or you are on the low end of the average student who is accepted. This list is the schools that you are planning to apply to in the fall.
  • Meet with your counselor to go through your list to be sure it is appropriate.

What next??

  • Print off the Senior Year Timeline on this website.
  • Create a personal checklist in your planner/calendar.  Your checklist should include a list of application deadlines, application requirements, contact information for the schools you are applying to, and an estimated cost for the applications.
  • If you receive Free or Reduced Lunch at Hamilton High School, you are eligible for a fee waiver for college application fees.
  • This timeline should be completed over the summer before your senior year, this way you know you have everything in place and ready to go when you start your senior year. MANY DEADLINES FOR APPLICATIONS AND SCHOLARSHIPS BEGIN IN NOVEMBER!!

I’m ready, NOW WHAT?!

  • Start filling out your applications. Now that you know what each application requires, start your essays, gather your recommendation letters, and fill out as much of the application as possible.
  • KEY TO A GREAT APPLICATION: Although almost every school requires an online application, you can still print out a paper application. PRINT ONE OUT!**
  • If you fill out the application on paper FIRST, you can ask questions along the way and have ALL of the information RIGHT there in front of you when you sit down to complete it online. ALWAYS involve your parents or counselor. This process is NEVER meant for you to do ALONE. The MORE you work with your counselor; you will ensure a GREAT application. If you have a question, do NOT hesitate to ASK questions through the school’s ADMISSIONS OFFICE. That is what they are there for, to get you admitted to their school! FILL OUT as much as possible but, DO NOT SUBMIT anything, until you have your counselor check it over, ESPECIALLY if you are submitting an essay with your application.

I’ve submitted my applications, PHEW! What to do now?

  • Now that your applications are out of the way, you can focus on the next piece, PAYING FOR IT ALL!
  • Start researching scholarships and their applications. Visit the Scholarship page here or on your Family Connection Naviance account.  Print the applications or begin filling them out.
  • Visit the Financial Aid page to learn more about the Financial aid process that begins January 1st of your senior year.

Senior Meeting Presentation

Each college has its own recommended high school coursework. Hamilton High School recommends the following college preparatory course path at the collegiate level or above:


4 credits English
4 credits Math
4 credits Science
4 credits Social Studies
2-3 credits Foreign Language
1 credit Fine Arts