Dress Code Policy


Dress Code:  The Board Policy states: Dress and grooming are rightfully the responsibility of the individual student and his/her parents.  To be proper for school, dress and grooming should be clean, neat, and appropriate and should not constitute a safety or health hazard or be such that it might hamper the educational process. These guidelines are stated to improve the learning environment.

Guidelines in Specific Areas:

  1. Tops and Bottoms must provide appropriate coverage.
  2. Lower garments are to be worn at waist level and must be properly fastened.  Undergarments are not to be exposed when the student sits, stands, raises his/her hand, or bends over. Sleepwear attire is not permitted.
  3. Hats, hoods, coats, bandanas, sunglasses, gloves, and sweatbands are not to be carried or worn during school hours.  Hoods may not be worn over student’s head.
  4. No clothing, jewelry, tattoos, body piercing adornments or other personal items may be worn or displayed which is contrary to the school’s mission or cause a distraction or disruption to the educational process.  Tattoos that do not conform to the requirements of this paragraph must be covered.

**These guidelines are not to be considered all-inclusive.  The Administration reserves the right to deal with any apparel deemed inappropriate for school.**