Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Hamilton City School District’s A.L.I.C.E and Lockdown Procedures

In light of recent situations around the country, we want parents to understand the procedures that the schools and district follow in the event of a necessary lockdown. Parents, please note, if you go to a school during a lockdown, you are adding to the confusion around the situation. Beyond that, you will not be able to sign your child out of school during any lockdown.

Level 1 – External Lockdown. The school office notifies staff and all entrances and exits are locked. No one enters or exits the building and this includes parents and other family members. Internal building functions continue as normal.

Level 2 – Full Lockdown. The school office notifies staff of Level 1 external lockdown plus an internal lockdown. Classrooms are now locked. No one enters or exits the building, again, including parents or other family members. Instruction continues as normal, but class changes and student passes are suspended unless notified.

ALICE Safety Video

In the event of an active threat inside the school, all students and staff should follow The A.L.I.C.E. Plan. Students and staff should be ready to respond to any and all information that they have available to barricade and prepare to defend themselves, or evacuate to a safer place. THIS IS NOT THE ORDER TO COMPLETE THESE DRILLS, BUT THE TEACHER IS TO DO THE MOST LOGICAL FIRST, DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION.

A – Alert
This is the first step to help protect as many people in the building as possible. Staff will notify the authorities and anyone in harm’s way that can be reached.

#1 – 911
#2 – emergency call to the administration office or front desk

L – Lockdown
By locking down AND barricading entry points, staff and students are making it more difficult for the intruder to get into the room. No one should be permitted to enter a locked down room except the police.

I – Inform
If it is at all possible, someone in the office will be giving real-time updates on where the intruder is in the building. This allows everyone to make sound judgments about what steps to take to protect students and staff.

C – Counter
As a last resort, if anyone comes into contact with the intruder, they should counter. Countering means students and staff should spread out, throw anything possible at the attacker, rush them or do anything possible to distract or disable the attacker. If someone can get their hands on the weapon, it should be placed in a garbage can and moved as far away from the situation as possible.

E – Evacuate
Students and staff should get out!!!! If it is possible based on the information received, the teacher should get the students out and away from the building. If there is a safe way to get out, they will GO!!!!